Pay Bills in Nigeria
from Overseas

Billanted is the all-in-one bill payment app for bills and nothing else but bills.

For Nigerians, the diaspora and lovers of Nigeria.

Pay Bills on Billanted

Pay with whatever currency you have.

You no longer need Naira before you pay bills in Nigeria from overseas.

Load your wallet

Paying bills with your Billanted wallet saves you the stress of paying with cards or other payment methods. Load your wallet and pay bills at any time like you would shoot a bullet.

Receive cashbacks

Pay less bills as you receive cashbacks for the bills you pay on Billanted. Cashbacks are extra cash for you to enjoy on the app. They are the discounts we don’t keep but give back to you.

Automatic currency conversion

Know the equivalent of how much you’re paying for bills. Currency conversion is highly transparent. Pay with foreign currencies and get the best deals and rates.

Refer and Receive Rewards

Billanted rewards are real. You receive referral bonuses for every one who pays bills on the app because of your efforts and loyalty. It’s our show of appreciation.

Electricity Bills

Billanted is simple and convenient.

To pay electricity bills, just enter the meter number you’re paying for.

Input amount to purchase and pay electricity bills.

Purchase Airtime and Data

It’s a smooth purchase on Billanted.

Receive fast airtime and data.

Choose the network provider, enter the phone number, input the amount.

Pay and receive! No stories.

Cable TV

Instant subscription on Billanted. No delays.


DSTV or GoTV. Pay for subscription for any cable TV.


Enter your smartcard number, select your plan.


Subscribe and relax.

Billanted is live on all devices

Seamless Bill Payments – Anytime, Anywhere

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